Ryan Feldt

Product Advisor

Ryan is a highly experienced professional with 16 years of expertise in the healthcare technology industry. Ryan's focus on digital communication, revenue cycle management, and finance has made him a leading figure in the field.

Currently, Ryan is leading the team at Odeza, a digital patient engagement platform, through rapid growth and scale post-acquisition by Ensemble Health Partners. With his vast experience in the healthcare tech space, Ryan has worn many hats that cover the gamut from product management, client implementation, account management, strategic partnerships, and service line leadership.

Throughout his career, Ryan has worked with three startups in the healthcare tech space that have led to successful acquisitions, showcasing his ability to develop and lead successful teams.

Ryan received his bachelor's degree in Accountancy from the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana. He is currently a mentor at MATTER and an angel investor, focusing on the healthcare tech and electric vehicle (EV) markets. In addition, Ryan's passion for innovation and vast experience make him an invaluable advisor to our tech startup.

Ryan currently lives in Chicago with his wife and two kids, Caleb and Jonah.