Our Story

our story

It all started with Benji.

It was close to 2:30 in the morning, and it seemed like I had practiced this a million times. Get the bags, check the car seat, and start the car. The excitement of finally becoming parents was indescribable. Upon checking into the hospital, getting settled, and resting, my wife began to deliver. Around 7:45 am, we welcomed the newest member of our family. Benjamin, Benji for short, weighed seven pounds and eleven ounces. I was in awe of his very existence, the magic of his arrival, and the faith we shared of his conception to birth — truly a miracle.

Like many other millennials, we weighed common factors before deciding to have a child. We wanted to be financially secure, gain more experience in our careers, complete additional education, and enjoy our time together before adding another to our family. Unknowingly to us, when ready to get pregnant, it was a challenge for us to conceive, and we had no idea what factors might be impeding our success. Because my wife is in the medical field, we were able to identify early solutions, saving us thousands in potential fertility costs. This is not the case for everyone and was a unique blessing. At zuri fertility, we hope to bring this exclusive benefit to all couples who encounter infertility.

our story

Northwestern brought our team together.

We met through an entrepreneurship course at Northwestern University, where we were randomly assigned to a team together. We never expected that we would work so well together or that an idea we developed for class would blossom into zuri fertility. Sometimes, it seems like the right people meet at the right time — and that was the case for us at Northwestern.

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