Our Story

our story

It all started with Benji.

In the quiet of a late night that felt like any other, our lives were about to change forever. It was close to 2:30 AM when I, filled with a mix of nerves and excitement, carefully placed our bags in the car, double-checked the car seat, and started the engine. Despite practicing this moment more times than I can count, nothing could truly prepare me for the overwhelming emotions that were about to unfold.

Arriving at the hospital, my wife Jasmine and I stepped into the final chapter of our challenging journey to parenthood and, simultaneously, onto the first page of an entirely new adventure. At 7:45 AM, our world was illuminated by the arrival of Benjamin—"Benji" to those who would soon grow to love him. As the nurses shared his statistics—seven pounds and eleven ounces, 23 inches long—I was captivated not by the numbers, but by the profound miracle of his existence. Benji's arrival was a testament to the strength of faith and the magic of perseverance, marking the end of our struggles with infertility and the beginning of our most cherished chapter.

Like many millennials, Jasmine and I had waited to start our family. We sought financial stability, career growth, further education, and treasured moments as a couple. Yet, when we decided the time was right, we faced an unexpected challenge: infertility. It was a struggle that hit us out of nowhere. Despite being healthy and young, we were met with stress, anxiety, and a yearning for answers that seemed just out of reach.

Thankfully, Jasmine's background as a physician assistant and her proactive approach to seeking help through her medical network uncovered the solutions we desperately needed, allowing us to save time, emotional distress, and financial resources. This journey was not just ours but mirrored in the lives of countless couples facing similar battles in silence.

During a class at Northwestern, I shared our story and met my co-founder, a medical student driven by the same passion to support couples struggling to conceive. Together, we founded Zuri, a beacon of hope for those navigating the tumultuous path of infertility. Zuri stands as a testament to our belief that no one should face the journey to parenthood alone.

Illuminating Paths to Parenthood

At Zuri, we are more than a company; we are a community founded on compassion and support. Our mission is to guide couples in their journey towards parenthood by offering accessibility, availability, and customized care plans. Our story is driven by the joy of Benji's arrival and the challenges we faced along the way. At Zuri, we are modernizing fertility care for today's families.

our story

Northwestern: serendipity meets innovation.

Zuri Fertility was founded by our team while at Northwestern University. Assigned randomly, our multicultural backgrounds, perspectives, and dreams converged. Blair's story ignited our shared vision to address a profound challenge. Today, Zuri Fertility is a community, support system, and partner to those on their journey to parenthood. Welcome to Zuri Fertility, where every story is cherished, every journey is supported, and every dream of family becomes a possibility.

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