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We provide personalized fertility care.

We save you valuable time and money with a more efficient fertility care journey. With Zuri, you don’t need to fear picking the right fertility service because Zuri tailors to your individual needs and goals. 


Zuri is what Today's Patients Need in One Convenient Package

By providing relevant resources and a comprehensive timeline, we help couples manage their fertility process. Our app simplifies the most difficult parts of the fertility treatment process so that everyone can focus on what matters most – making a family.


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A Couple's Journey with Zuri

We’re dedicated to helping you embrace your journey of family building while saving you time and money.  We'll walk side by side with you during this process, so why not try taking a step right now! (Psst- The first one is easy and takes less than 10 seconds to complete!)

1. Download the App

You see, the first one is easy…

2. Fill out the Zuri Patient Questionnaire

We want to get to know you, this is crucial for us to serve you better. You don't have to answer all right now, but the sooner, the better we can tailor your program.

3. Get acclimated with the app

Watch the welcome and general fertility videos, check out some companion articles submitted by providers and patients who experienced or experiencing infertility, and schedule your first telehealth visit. Next, a concierge is assigned to you, who will be with you during the entire process.

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