Blair Matthews, JD, MPA

Co-founder, & COO

Born and raised on the South side of Chicago, Blair and his wife experienced first-hand the struggles of getting pregnant. During their experience, he recognized a need for services to help other couples struggling to get pregnant. His understanding of the problem inspired him to empower others through leadership to deliver results. Yet, before this idea and founding Zuri Fertility, he received his BA from Howard University in Washington, DC, where he met his wife Jasmine (a physician assistant). He earned his MPA from Columbia University in New York and his JD from Northwestern Pritzker School of Law, where he focused on innovation, entrepreneurship, and negotiations. While at Northwestern, he shared his story and idea in class to help couples earlier in their fertility journey, and he met his now co-founder and began working on a solution. As a Father, Founder, and Leader, Blair has the experience, passion, and skills to bring Zuri to couples and is excited to change the infertility narrative. “My passion drives me to help couples on the fertility journey, and I strive to help bring clarity to their questions, answers to their concerns, and give them hope for a brighter future.” - Blair.